Heavy Haulage Experts - Years of Experience

Our team has been involved in the transport industry since 1984. We began as drivers’ mates during summer holidays before progressing into the operation of Demountable Rack Offload and Pickup System (DROPS) during military training in the UK and Germany. 

From there, we moved into various occupations, passing the Transport Manager CPC in the process and gaining extensive experience in the transportation of abnormal loads both in the UK and abroad. The wealth of expertise we gathered during this time proved invaluable and has made us the go-to provider of abnormal load management services we are today.

Our abnormal load expertise

We specialise in the transportation and delivery of abnormal loads within a range of sectors, including the aerospace industry. Due to our involvement in the loading and unloading of oversize shipments at LUX Findel, Ostend and Liege cargo airports, we have very close ties within the industry and even to this day use the same local agent partners. We realised that with our wealth of knowledge and established connections with European abnormal loads, we should pursue this area further, thus, Fastrans Logistic Ltd was born.

We're proud of the efficient and professional service we offer. To find out how we can help with your abnormal load requirements, contact our experts today on 01895 546556.

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Growing our heavy haulage business in Europe

The European side of our heavy haulage business grew rapidly due to our unrivalled knowledge of European contracts, and within five years we were operating seven STGO Cat 1 & 1 Cat 2 tractor units and two fully equipped pilot escort vans. The fact that some members of our team are fluent in German has also gone a long way toward impressing our European clients! 

We are proud to say we have become well known pathfinders in both France and Germany and were the first heavy haulage company to transport completed aircraft wings by road from the UK to mainland Europe. The routes we sourced for the client are still being used.

Growing our heavy haulage business in the UK

Back in the UK, our team grew its reputation and knowledge within the aerospace industry, gaining an excellent reputation in the transportation of aircraft engines and components between the UK and Europe. This allowed us to grow the client database of agents and other hauliers which we continue to work with.

Alongside our abnormal load management service, we also expanded our fleet of pilot escort vehicles to what is now that largest in the country and focused on delivering a comprehensive range of services. These include site surveys, route planning, permit applications and a range of site specialist services like forklift hire.

We are here to make all your heavy haulage requirements a straightforward and efficient enterprise. Contact us today on 01895 546556 to discuss your requirements with our team of abnormal load specialists.

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Fastrans Logistik Ltd can provide consultancy services in the following areas:

  • Logistics Consultancy as part of project management
  • Abnormal Load Management in the U.K. and mainland Europe
  • Advice in the application for European Permits
  • Advice on Customs Clearance and T1 discharge when entering the U.K.
  • Sourcing storage facilities, both long and short-term
  • Help and advice on trailer design and manufacture
  • Full contract lift and CPA crane hire available

Fastrans Logistik Ltd can provide professional services in the following core areas:

  • Logistics Consultancy
  • Abnormal Load Management in the U.K. and Mainland Europe
  • In-House accredited escorts for abnormal loads
  • Aviation Security cleared staff, Level D and above
  • Full MSRA documentation
  • In-house NPORS operators
  • All our in-house staff are CPCS & NPORS trained / accredited