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Route survey ensured delivery of the client's wide load

Fastrans was approached by our client in Germany as they were informed by a Global Freight Forwarding Company that it would not be possible to obtain permission to move a load of this size on UK roads. So, Fastrans set about contacting the Ministry of Transport, Highways Authority, Council and Police Forces across the UK. We then carried out a full route survey and obtained the necessary permission and permit in order to carry out a trial move. We are pleased to confirm this was successful and went ahead without any incident whatsoever.

The total dimensions were a whopping 41.29 metres long by 5.98 metres wide by 4.50 metres high !!

Case Study 1

Fastrans Logistik Ltd can provide consultancy services in the following areas:

  • Logistics Consultancy as part of project management
  • Abnormal Load Management in the U.K. and mainland Europe
  • Advice in the application for European Permits
  • Advice on Customs Clearance and T1 discharge when entering the U.K.
  • Sourcing storage facilities, both long and short-term
  • Help and advice on trailer design and manufacture
  • Full contract lift and CPA crane hire available

Fastrans Logistik Ltd can provide professional services in the following core areas:

  • Logistics Consultancy
  • Abnormal Load Management in the U.K. and Mainland Europe
  • In-House accredited escorts for abnormal loads
  • Aviation Security cleared staff, Level D and above
  • Full MSRA documentation
  • In-house NPORS operators
  • All our in-house staff are CPCS & NPORS trained / accredited